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A few questions about Ferduino

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I'm new here. I've discovered Ferduino a few months ago after trying to make one VERY similar in design, but still haven't been up to the challenge. I've thus decided to abandon my project and I just might give a try to Ferduino. I have a few questions :

1. Today is March 25th 2019, your site actually shows that you are out of stock for Ferduino, do you have an estumate as to when it will be available?

2. Do you have a schematic for the Cooler Board, I see you also sell the relay board, but nothing in regards to the Cooler board. Oh and when you talk about coolers, you mean "water" coolers, or fans for LED cooling? Because to be honest, water cooling is not really an issue here in Canada. We are more into heating :)

I'll start with those two questions for now to stay brief, but I wanted to say that you actually did an AMAZING job with this project. Looks very neat! Gratz...

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Welcome Gaetan!

Unfortunately I haven't a lead time to make Ferduino Mega available again.

The cooler board can be used to any purpose. The circuit is very simple and it's available here.


Best regards.
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