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Hello everybody
I had not connected to the forum for a long time.
Well I tell you that for seven years I made the controller with ferduino and at the moment it has not given me any problem and now I have just assembled the jabeo wave pumps without a controller, connected to the ferduino.
Thanks to Fernando that I can't believe that he answers the messages so quickly and solves it the first time.
My case is that I only buy the heads without a controller or power supply, and I think it is worth it since it is controlled by the board and on top of that it is cheaper.
In case anyone has doubts, it is not so difficult to connect it and Fernando helps a lot.
All the best

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Hi José!

Welcome back!

I'm happy that Ferduino is working well for you.

Please show us some pictures of your build.

If possible show us a video of your wavemaker pumps running in your tank.

Best regards.
Post your doubts on forum because it can help another user too. Just PM me for support if it's absolutely necessary.

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