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Problem with IDE  [SOLVED]

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good morning everyone.
In my new computer does not work the ide 1.8.1 that indicates Fernando that we have to use, only works the ide 1.8.6 and the ide 1.8.7.

with the libraries of ferduino, when compiling with ide 1.8.7, many errors like this occur:

warning iso c ++ forbids converting to string constant to 'char *'

and on the screen please insert sd card.

I tried with an infinity of cards, I modified the tft shield as Fernando indicates, I changed SPI_HALF_SPEED to SPI_FULL_SPEED or SPI_QUARTER_SPEED, but I can not advance.
Definitely, I try to compile only with the arduino board and compile with many errors like the one I indicated before.
I think the problem is with the IDE with the libraries:

Can I use IDE 1.8.7 without these errors? How can I correct them?

Can I get IDE 1.8.1 working on windows 10? I do not understand why it does not start ... I see the arduino home screen a few seconds but nothing more

thank you very much

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Welcome Jorge!

This problem with SD card is not related to Arduino IDE version.

Firstly there's no compiling errors, there's only warnings. Warnings can be ignored.

Ferduino code can work with IDE 1.8.7 but you will see warnings in anyway.

You should make first your SD card work with examples. If it doesn't not work the problem should be wrong chip select on code, hardware problem or you are not using SD card with 1 or 2 GB formatted as FAT.

Best regards.
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