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People who baught Jebao wavemaker without controller  [SOLVED]

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Hello guys.

I wondered if anybody here bought the Jebao DC wavemaker with just the power supply only.

I want to know this:

If sold singly with just DC pump and PSU, is the connector and pump 'ready' for the controller, by that I mean does it have the 3 pin IP connector on both the wavemaker and the PSU, and are they compatable when you buy them without the controller.

Also, by any chance on the powersupply wire, is the 3rd PWM wire and pin available, or did they not connect it in this case?

I dont want to waste money on the two wavemakers with controller, it is easy to just send 24v and PWM, so I would like to know if the connectors are there to be re-used for a custom wiring cable?

I wonder if anybody has pictures of the power supply when sold without the controller?

Peace guys.

Jamie :ymhug:

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I haven't this pump but, I think hard Jebao make a model different just to sell without controller.

Anyway you can buy only the power head and cable here and buy a power supply of 24 V / 6 A for 2 WP60.

Best regards.
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